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As already said, the tension between me and reality, Vibram to say, and my view has

always been hostile to reality. Over time, my inner anger died down, I began to realize that a real

writer, looking for the truth, is a rejection of the truth of moral judgments. Writer's mission is

not to vent, not a complaint or disclosure, he should show people noble. vibram shoes Mentioned here is

not the kind of pure noble good, but the understanding of all things after the detachment, on the

equal treatment of good and evil, the eyes see the world with compassion.

Posted by qeqe on Mar 18, 11 4:54 am

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Posted by klentpascual on Mar 5, 11 7:05 pm

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Posted by clmm8899 on Mar 4, 10 3:01 am

wow. first layout ever :O.

Posted by emberfly on Mar 18, 08 12:13 am


Posted by undergroove on Mar 16, 08 2:46 pm

sooooo old x]

random comment!

Posted by none345678 on Feb 14, 08 4:36 pm

this is the fist layout in the whole Create Blog story
how cool

Posted by spiderpig on Feb 9, 08 11:53 pm

for a first it look really good!

Posted by ayaka502 on Mar 19, 07 11:41 pm

hah, first post (testing).

Posted by micron on Apr 4, 05 2:46 am

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