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Good lord you have a thousands tabs open! LOL Anyway, I like this, I like the colors and I like zee Gaga.

Posted by tehmiminator on Jul 18, 10 4:22 pm

lol nothing wrong with gaga
just a strange nut job doing what she likes.

This is nice.. too simple for me though
I could have sworn it was Aguilera from the smaller preview

Posted by emmijane on Mar 6, 10 6:33 am

love the layout and colors. i'm just not sold on the barcode. but other than that, amazing(:

Posted by mattxmusicx on Sep 17, 09 9:43 pm

The pale colors work so well with her! I love this it's pretty ;)
just dance hoes :D

Posted by dilligrout on Aug 25, 09 5:41 pm

love the lay, but the header isn't showing up :( . but overall i love it!!!

Posted by cynthiachioma on Aug 19, 09 3:19 pm

nice design, i just dont like the singer. :/

Posted by Mikeplyts on Aug 18, 09 10:51 am

I'm sorry, I really can't see why people would want Gaga as their header, but that doesn't mean I don't like the way you designed it. :)

Posted by goth-nina on Aug 14, 09 9:15 pm


this is da freakin shit major!

Posted by koobecaf on Aug 14, 09 7:46 pm

The image banner thing doesn't show up for meh

Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on Aug 14, 09 5:57 pm

Lovely layout! Good job!

Posted by CandyPop on Aug 14, 09 4:13 pm

I love this css, not to fond of lady gaga

Posted by LadyLBlack on Aug 14, 09 3:43 pm

WOW...I love the colors,and the image!
Good Job!Keep Up The Great Work :D

Posted by Snaily on Aug 14, 09 2:04 pm

Look gorgeous from the screen shot (:
Lovely colours :)

Posted by aliiicimo on Aug 14, 09 1:53 pm

v same here... (but i really like the flowers in the bg.)

Posted by impurities on Aug 14, 09 1:02 pm

Yeah LG dosent show up.
Ill try putting uploading it to my site.

Also I heard LG's gonna have a break down.

Posted by funride on Aug 14, 09 12:20 pm

I really like it I think its amazing but Ga Ga isnt showing up on the preview. Does it show up on the site????

Posted by LaDeeJenn on Aug 14, 09 11:54 am

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