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really like but the black lettering on bright red background for the links is a bit blinding. nice though.

Posted by AngelsBaby on Nov 13, 09 11:16 am

I love this one. ♥

Posted by reitachuu on Jun 24, 09 2:36 am

this is beautiful ♥

Posted by yinnie on Jan 23, 09 12:52 pm

This is so sexy. I love the colors.

Posted by Eww on Jan 7, 09 10:39 pm

So very pretty

Posted by LadyLBlack on Jan 4, 09 7:11 pm

Don't know why but I've always liked this layout...

Posted by ForgiveTheSinner on Jan 1, 09 3:18 pm

pretty! :)

Posted by MiiSTY on Dec 31, 08 7:10 pm

I agree with Snaily about the myspace.
This is gorgeous, as usual.
And I immediately though of Mirah when I read the title. x)

Posted by so-sarcastic on Dec 31, 08 6:40 pm

awww..this would be a nice myspacelayout too,but,THAT'S OKAY THOUGH!!THIS IS PRETTY!!!I LIKE THE COLORS,and the Image!Good Job!Keep Up The Great Work!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 31, 08 5:31 pm

Fugly. xD

Posted by Tuly on Dec 31, 08 5:27 pm

Pretty image. ^_^

Posted by BananaNugg3ts on Dec 31, 08 4:58 pm


Posted by stormbringer on Dec 31, 08 4:43 pm

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