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Okay, so I first started making this for my site, but then I realised I liked my current layout better. So I made this for here.

It's my first one for createblog!

If people like it, I might make more website layouts. (:

You can find this layout and more on my website or on my myspace.

Photo Credit: Gage Young

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my ALL TIME favorite band!!! :)

By xXJenWearsPradaXx on May 3, 2008 4:45 pm

I'm using this for my site, but I changed it a bit, I shuld still leave the same credit, right?

By RissyMel on May 3, 2008 11:40 am

AHH i love the devil wears prada!!! great great great band. awesome job on this :D

By Lauren-O-Saurus on Apr 24, 2008 8:30 pm

Hey, neat layout! ^^ I didn't realize that they were a crowd of the same people until I saw aaayotiffany's comment below hahaha!!

By dreamgurl36 on Apr 22, 2008 11:45 am

Nice! I like the "many people" effect it has. Kudos.

By futura on Apr 20, 2008 6:35 pm

I agree. I think it's the name text or something. I put some one in another layout for it, and it looked better. xD

By hospitalhorror on Apr 20, 2008 5:03 pm

the fonts and colurs are really nice, and the banner is unique, how it's like a crowd, but it just feels like it's missing something. But besides that, it's really good. Good job!

By shmuggy on Apr 20, 2008 5:01 pm

in the thumb, i was like, "why are there sooo many people?" lol. then i clicked on it and realized its a big crowd of the same people. :]

By aaayotiffany on Apr 20, 2008 4:59 pm

I like that it looks like there's a big crowd. It's neat.

I would've put a table behind your content and sidebar areas. It might give more contrast versus the flat black.

By livwho on Apr 20, 2008 4:26 pm

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