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Basic and Transparent Iframes

HTML Tutorials · By avalon* View profile

Learn how to create iframes for a website

Div Layering Secret (Advanced)

HTML Tutorials · By ScarletNight View profile

Prior knowledge about div layering is needed.

Drop Down Menu

HTML Tutorials · By SlobThomas View profile

How to make a drop down menu in websites, xanga, and blogger

Making a different page show up before the index

HTML Tutorials · By souperstition View profile

Universal Player

HTML Tutorials · By birdman View profile

Use this single html code to retrieve audio or video on the net

CSS Stylesheet (external)

CSS Tutorials · By thembc View profile

How to costumize your CSS using one file!

Image rollover using Javascript

Javascript Tutorials · By souperstition View profile

Roll over images using two images

Connecting to a MySQL Database

Javascript Tutorials · By mipadi View profile

date last modified

Javascript Tutorials · By xquizit View profile

Letting a user know when a web page was last modified/updated is easy to do with PHP.

Simple Image Viewer

Javascript Tutorials · By birdman View profile

Add image URLs and everything's generated.