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wow, thanks!

Posted by Nfranco057 on Jul 6, 09 5:48 am

this is really good. thanks. =]

Posted by jasminemr on May 22, 09 8:22 pm

This is Awesome this works Thanks :D

Posted by Lovecakes on Apr 13, 09 11:59 pm


Posted by DaCandy on Jul 26, 08 6:31 pm

thanks this si awsesome(:

Posted by kimboxxkimi on Jul 7, 08 1:32 am

Awesome, works aswell!!

All your Tutorials are immense! x

Posted by JayJayBabyy on May 15, 08 1:52 am

This tut is so good (:
i use this all the time :D
your tuts are all wicked! :]

Posted by Lauren-Greenie-Bean on May 8, 08 9:50 am


Posted by Ladii-J-Gfx on Apr 23, 08 12:09 am

you always have great and very useful tutorials! funny how i knew this tutorial was from you just by reading "make your photos look professional" lol..i love your photos!

Posted by missk on Mar 5, 08 9:53 pm

OMG. This Is So Hot =)

Posted by oneroot on Feb 25, 08 3:04 pm

i really like your tutorials and i was wondering if you can make one on how to change a washed out picture
i love the picture but it's a little too light in the corner and a little too dark on the other corner because of the flash.
is there any way to fix it?

Posted by munkyfacgrl on Dec 13, 07 6:15 pm

I would also straighten out the photo because it's a little tilted - the bridge isn't quite lined up with the edge of the photo. but nice tutorials. I just love them :]

Posted by takle_monster on Dec 12, 07 10:28 pm

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