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This time round, I'll tell you how to remove creases by using the healing tool. This will also help you enhance photos.

First, get your photo.

I chose this photo of Donny Osmond.

Now, since the color is dull, we need to fix that. Copy the picture and make a new layer (Layer --> Duplicate layer). now go to Filters --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur. Depending on the image size, set the blur so that it's "blurry enough." I set it 6.3

That's a good blur. Now, set the blurry layer to "overlay".

Now, if the color of your image looks wonky (like mine), go to Image --> Adjustments --> Selective Color and fool with the color until it looks good to you.

Fool with it!

Flatten the image (select 2nd layer and press CTRL + E)

Now, on the panel there is the Healing Brush Tool

Select that and hold the ALT key then click with your mouse on a part close to the crease or blemish. By stroking or clicking numerous times, remove the line. Alright, in case you don't know what the healing brush tool does, from your clicked point it copies that section of the image. When you use the brush, it will re-create the image on top of the canvas and blend it. So, if you move your mouse too far, you may run into a section you don't want to. I've run into Donny's mouth, because I pinpointed my area too close to the left of his mouth and moved too far to the right. If that happens, just click CTRL + Z to undo.

Now, after all that, you should get something like this.

I blurred some areas if the color seemed to uneven.

Hope you liked the tutorial!

This to -->


Hope you dig :)

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It looks weird under his right eye.

By TaintedReality on Aug 9, 2008 3:54 am

good, but you should have colored the top half of his face a bit so its not two toned.

By NYC-LOVE on Jul 15, 2008 8:13 pm

thats so cool.

By beholdingbeauty on Aug 31, 2007 5:37 pm

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