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Nice effect and easy to do! Tnx ;)

Posted by pinki3ros3 on Feb 19, 08 6:50 pm

Thanks for the tutorial!
If you know how to use torrent then of course you can get it for free. There are plenty of crack and keygens out there ;0)

Posted by kimt08 on Oct 25, 07 11:56 pm

wow. it really does make a difference. :) thanks.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Aug 5, 07 11:44 pm

You can't LEGALLY get photoshop for free.
there are ways though, to still get it

Posted by GimmieDisco on Aug 5, 07 3:00 am

this is ooooberly awesome.

Posted by carbonatedDRANK on Jul 15, 07 4:59 pm

It works. Nicee

Posted by ShaBen on Jul 2, 07 2:50 pm

hehe, common no ones an idiot. sum know sum don't. i got mines for free too thru ares..but yes becareful it might be a virus..but hey play nice...

Posted by lovinbijou on Jul 2, 07 9:43 am

you can use someone elses cd

Posted by x3babeyvivi on Jun 26, 07 4:06 pm

umm i hear there is some program called gimp that is just like photoshop that u can get for free but besides that u can get the torrent or limewire just beware cuzz it might be a virus

Posted by mrmetro100 on Jun 26, 07 2:36 pm

ur dum. prolly sum1 gav it tew u dats y

Posted by sweet-tracy on Jun 19, 07 6:45 pm

i got my photoshop for free you idiot so dont say anything if you dont know it for a fact .

Posted by genuinelyDOPE on Jun 18, 07 11:43 pm

You can't get Photoshop for free. You can only try it for 30 days if you download it...

Posted by traaaang on Jun 14, 07 6:22 pm

does anybody know where I can find a good and free photoshop?

Posted by Harpa011 on Jun 14, 07 3:45 pm

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