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I'm gonna teach you how to make something like this:
User posted image
Make a New Document 300x300 transparent

Now Get you Elliptical Marquee Tool and Make a OVAL-ish shape Then fill it with #F7941D then deselect (CTRL+D)
User posted image
Now go to the Layer Style buttonUser posted image and pick INNER GLOW and use these settings:Click to enlarge
Now move on to BEVEL AND EMBOSS and use these settings:
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It should Look like this now:
User posted image
Now duplicate it(CTRL+J) and make sure its [u]underneath[/u] Your Original Layer
Now Go to Shear.....Filter>Distort>Shear and Drag the curve so it looks Something like this:
User posted image
Now get your move tool then move it slightly to the left...Now Duplicate that layer and Go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizantal and move it to the right and you should something like this:
User posted image
Now Go to the Original Layer and duplicate it (CTRL+J) and drag the copy underneath all layer and Go to Shear Filter>Distort>Shear And Drag the Curve so it looks like this:
User posted image
Now Do the Same thing Like you Did before With all the Moving and duplicating and Flip Horizantal Stuff and it should look like this:
User posted image
Now go to Layer>Merge Invisible (Shft+ctrl+E)
After Go to Liquify Filter>Liquify and choose the User posted image tool and make the Brush Size 150 and Brush Pressure 50
Drag USING THE EDGE OF THE BRUSH from top and bottom..This is how its should look like:
User posted image
Now using Your Pen tool make eyes and a mouth or anything you want!!!this is how mine turned out:
User posted image
LoL Pretty badd....but i liked how my first one turned out but be creative!!!!!

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It looks good. But I think you should have added the stem at the top.

By xomandaxo1925 on Mar 1, 2009 12:06 pm

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