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okay, so i'm going to teach you how to do a polaroid picture effect on your images. a lot of people have been asking about them, and i couldn't find any polaroid brushes so i made my own way of making them. enjoy!

1. get your image on a new document. i'll be using this picture of kate bosworth. we want our images to be square, so if yours is rectangular, take the rectangular marquee tool and choose the section you want in your polaroid. don't freak out if it's not a perfect square, just get it close. if yours is square, skip this step.
User posted image

2. okay, now copy and paste your selection onto a new document. you want to make sure that your new document is big enough to make your picture look like a polaroid, so 3 of the white sides would be smaller than one side. play around with the numbers until you get it right. position your image properly, too.
User posted image

3. now go to layer>>flatten image. choose the rectangular marquee and right click>>select all. copy. layer>>new layer and paste. you should now have two layers with the same image on it. your layers window should look like this.
User posted image

4. take your rectangular marquee tool and select just the image, not the white space around it.
User posted image

5. press delete. you should still see your image [kate, in my case] because of the layer underneath. so basically it looks the same as it did in the last step.

6. your marquee should still be around your image. if it isn't, choose the image like in step 4. go to edit>>stroke. make the width 1 px and choose a grayish color.
User posted image
your image should now look like this:
User posted image

7. then choose your rectangular marquee. right click>>select all. go to edit>>stroke and choose the same settings as in step 6.

8. now make sure you choose your top layer.
User posted image
go to layer>>layer style>>bevel and emboss and use these settings. [the depth is 21, that other line was my cursor =P] make sure you click the checkbox for 'contour' right underneath the bevel and emboss checkbox.
User posted image

9. your finished product should look something like this
User posted image

mine isn't all that great, you can make yours a little better with the gray lines, see how on the right side mine is a little too far out? you can also add text to make it look like you wrote something on the bottom white border. yep. well i hope you enjoyed this! i know it's a long tutorial but it looks good right? =P

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canyou make it look more realistic?

By electroxxxd on Jul 16, 2008 5:11 pm


By YunasOtherSelf on Apr 19, 2008 7:33 am

this is a great tutorial! :]

By diana170 on Aug 20, 2007 7:44 pm

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