Vintage Coloring Effect (comments)

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haha this is cute :)

Posted by robinneboo on Jul 1, 09 10:57 pm

madd tutorial love it

Posted by emmasawr on Jan 19, 09 1:01 pm

I have Photoshop Elements 7.0 and I was looking for the cruve and channel mixer but couldn't find them. Where can I look to find them?

Posted by AyeChristeeeel on Dec 7, 08 2:05 pm

so cute! =)

Posted by sunshine07 on Oct 23, 08 8:05 am

great tut.

Posted by forgetit on Sep 1, 08 5:25 pm

love the tutorial

Posted by twodreamlovers on Aug 7, 08 1:47 am

sorry :/
i keep messing it up :p

Posted by emilyakastraightouttacompt on Apr 17, 08 9:24 pm

fill the actual layer**

Posted by emilyakastraightouttacompt on Apr 17, 08 8:11 am

to choose the background color, you have to go to the little color squares in the tool toolbar and change the color of the one that's underneath it
the top one is foreground color and the bottom one is background color if that makes any sense.
to fill the actually layer, you can use ctrl + j

Posted by emilyakastraightouttacompt on Apr 17, 08 8:11 am

how do i fill the background make a new layer and fill it with the colors?
can you message me or somthing and let me know ? please. that would be very helpful . thanks!

Posted by cecilee2003 on Apr 13, 08 2:18 am

Haha, oops.
this is what i have so far.
http://i177.photobucket. com/albums/w228/miss--silveste r/vintagecreater.jpg

Posted by LYDIAIDOL on Feb 11, 08 5:10 am

this is really good and easy to follow but i think i made one little mistake somewhere.
please could you talk a look at what i've got so far and maybe give me an extra push in the right direction?

it would be greatly appriciated.
maybe email me back at
thank you so much,

Posted by LYDIAIDOL on Feb 11, 08 5:09 am

Oh! This was a very helpful tutorial. Though, sometimes when I do the curve feature, it says that I can't go over a value of 100. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Posted by murderotica on Dec 16, 07 9:16 pm

I'm kind of lost. :(

Posted by JoannLeung on Dec 16, 07 7:32 pm

Love this tutorial ♥

Posted by heartbreaker_ on Dec 9, 07 12:34 am

Where is the layer palette?

Posted by sillyxm0nkey on Nov 18, 07 2:12 pm

I'd really to know how you did the last steps. Im not super advanced in photoshop, but Im not an idiot so just message me or something and let me know. Please! It would be really appreciated.

Posted by Kaypiphany on Nov 10, 07 10:27 pm

im kinda confused on it
like in what order should the layers be in?
im sorry if im kinda slow lol

Posted by ohshietcristina on Oct 28, 07 7:45 pm

Very nice tut but I just want to know where can you find the splatter brush?
Thanks! :0)

Posted by kimt08 on Oct 26, 07 1:12 am

how do u the splashes and the texture in the background?

Posted by cherrygen on Oct 5, 07 4:27 pm

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