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If you click the little "colorize" check box you get a little more control over the color. If you duplicate your selection of the eyes to a new layer, and check the colorize box, you get way more control, then you can change blend modes as well. Check out my site for some great tutorials and freebies
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Posted by photoshopguru on Jan 12, 12 10:00 am

does it work for black eyes? mine dont seem to work

Posted by sugaababii on Jan 29, 09 4:32 pm

i have the same issue with the girl below me!!! help!!

Posted by classypinkbarbie on Dec 22, 08 12:10 am

I have tried this and all the colors seem to be odd colors, Purples, Blues, Reds etc and it never seems natural. Does this only work on light colored eyes?

Posted by TaintedReality on Aug 14, 08 10:29 pm

now how do i start?

Posted by danielleindovina on Jun 8, 08 10:00 pm

easy, luv it

Posted by LovemeLongtime on Jun 8, 08 8:37 pm

she looks prettier with green eyes =] lol
great tutorial

Posted by lkajsfklajskds on Dec 27, 07 12:13 pm

thanks alot! i havent tried it out yet..but it seems that its worked for other users..

Posted by mauriciocruelty on Dec 20, 07 6:54 pm

Yep, this is how I do it. C:

Posted by livwho on Nov 20, 07 6:40 pm

been trying to do this for forever and i never realized how easy it really was.

Posted by fredatemespleen on Aug 20, 07 3:37 pm

Tjis helpe SOOOOmuch thank you!!!!

Posted by zily on Jul 18, 07 8:03 pm

whoaa...this helped alot! thanks!!! :)

Posted by karina1104 on Jul 11, 07 7:33 pm

when i selected the magic wand and tried to circle the eye, it circled like everything, so is there settings that it should be on?

Posted by mizbreeding on Jul 3, 07 11:34 pm

i love this tutorial.
you rock.!!!

Posted by cindymoua on Jun 25, 07 11:59 pm

hey..what kind of program do you have?
please get back to me

Posted by MorbidSlaying on Jun 12, 07 7:54 pm

[attachmentid=14717]wow thts rele kl, do you think it would work in photoimpression 4? i guess i could use a transparent brownthanx

Posted by Sharmz on May 5, 07 5:13 am

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