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First go to File...
Select a picture, I will use this example of me:
User posted image

Go to:
Duplicate Layer...
Click OK.

Go to:
Click on Desaturate.

Your Picture Should Now Look Like This:
User posted image

Go to:
Click on Motion Blur...

* A box will come up, and on the bottom of that box, it will say Distance: __ pixels, make the numbers set, say Distance: 30 pixels... *
(as shown below).

User posted image

Click OK.

You should have a box on the screen relating to everything you do with your picutre...
On there, it should have these tabs on it::
(looks like this)
User posted image

Find it?


Now you should see a dialong box with a drop down arrow in the selected Layers Tab.
Click that...

You should See hard light or soft light.

For me, Hard Light works great.

Here is what the hard light does:
User posted image

And here is what the soft light does:
User posted image

Now The Added Step:
(If You Want Color To Your Nice Motion Blur Picture)

Click Ctrl+U

This will bring up a Hue/Saturation box that has color properties to add to your picture:
Click colorize on the bottom right corner..
Mess around with the nobs and you soon will have the desired color you like...
Press OK.

Now that you have your color. Save your document if the final product was what you wanted :)

If you have any problems, you may PM me if you have an account,or just tell me how you like it and how it worked out for you.


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hey thks. looks cool =]

By ztann on Aug 16, 2007 12:57 pm

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