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yay i love it :3

Posted by AutumnSky on Jun 15, 08 3:08 am

This is super simple and quick, and turns out nice. I love it. Thanks!

Posted by dotaquote on Apr 16, 08 6:47 pm

umm i tried doing this and it didnt work is it cause i used photoshop cs3 ??? T-T

Posted by mzkinkyz17 on Apr 3, 08 8:57 am

niice!! thanks♥

Posted by missk on Jan 7, 08 11:47 am

simple but awesome. thank you :)

Posted by twodreamlovers on Aug 5, 07 11:59 pm

i like it. the picture came out nice

Posted by ShaBen on Jul 2, 07 3:04 pm

I've lving all these simple but GREAT turtorials. Thankyou :]

Posted by ladydesire on Jun 20, 07 12:55 am

umm, i can't find the last step where it says "Layer>Properties" also the images dont show up for me.....

Posted by hxc-mtsjjj on Apr 29, 07 12:13 pm

great tutorial!!!so once you are all done, what is the best "save setting" to keep the picture at it's best quality when you save the image?

Posted by o0joy0o on Jan 9, 07 10:35 am

nice...i'll keep this tut in mind...

Posted by GrindNonstop on Jan 8, 07 6:46 pm

nice post

Posted by ++DA-KIDD++ on Dec 22, 06 11:57 pm

See most people these days would have CS8 etc.. but I am really glad I ain't the only one who uses v7.0 :) nice tut

Posted by z3nn1 on Dec 17, 06 4:53 am

Aww thanks ann. Your the best. :D

Posted by showstopper! on Dec 1, 06 6:27 pm

i love your tutorial.& you

Posted by x1227x on Dec 1, 06 6:25 pm

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