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this will teach u how to use Imageready and quicktime to make animated gif files without all that FRAME by FRAME snapshot b/s

this is SOOOOOOO much easier!


[url=]right click this and save target as[/url]
^thats just an example quicktime video, u can use whatever you want

[color=purple]Step one (OPENING):[/color]
>open Imageready
>open saved .mov file (MUST BE A REAL .MOV FILE!)
[url=]User posted image[/url]

[color=purple]Step two (PICKING RANGE):[/color]
>you will see a dialogue like this that says you can open by:
[color=blue][color=#dfe6ef]__[/color]a}opening entire video which would take forever)
[color=#dfe6ef]__[/color]b}opening from a range that you select (prefered)
[color=#dfe6ef]__[/color]c}opening only every other frame[/color]
[url=]User posted image[/url]

>i used a range which you can do by finding a starting point, holding down shift and moving (by draging the slider or pressing the arrows frame by frame) to the last frame of your range. You can see here my range:
[url=]User posted image[/url]

[color=purple]Step three (Cropping):[/color]
>you want your avatar to be 100x100 pixels so we're going to crop and resize at the same time
>click the crop tool (or press "c" on the keyboard)
>in the crop tool bar, make sure u have the "fixed size" box checked with 100 and 100 in the boxes to the left like so:
(everything in yellow is important)
[url=]User posted image[/url]
[url=]User posted image[/url]

drag to what you want to be cropped and click confirm it

[url=]User posted image[/url]

[color=purple]Step four (Creating the avatar):[/color]
>this is the step where you all get creative with the layers and animation layers :)

[color=purple]Step five (Saving):[/color]
>not knowing once myself, I know there are some people who dont know how to save an animation from Imageready :huh:
>this is how
>go to file>save OPTIMIZED AS...
[url=]User posted image[/url]

>when the dialogue comes up, name it and you want to make sure under "save as type" you are saving the image(s) only
>if the animation doesnt look so good, sometimes changing the "Settings" in this dialogue from "Default Settings" to "XHTML" sometimes gives better results
[url=]User posted image[/url]

THATS IT!!! :happy:

you made your avatar!

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By buckstab on Sep 2, 2010 10:08 am

how do you get imageready?

By panda-randa on Jun 1, 2010 8:43 pm

really helpful.
thanks alot!

By SaturdayRiot on Sep 26, 2007 10:19 pm

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