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This tutorial teaches you how to turn this
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into this icon
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You will need the following things to make this icon:
[x] the font [url=http://www.fonts101.com/xt_fontdetails_az_FID!2035~Coopa_Blacka~font.html]Coopa Blacka[/url]
[x] Photoshop or PSP
[x] these images
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Ok let's start
First resize, crop, and sharpen your original image.
Here is how mine came out
User posted image

Then Copy and Paste this image
User posted image
onto photoshop (on a new layer)

Set the layer's blending options to either Screen or Lighten. You should now have something like this
User posted image

add some text and you're done!

Using "masks"
If you paste a black and white image such as the comment blog I used in this tutorial and set the layer to screen or lighten, you will get this effect. All of the black (darker parts) will not be visible and only the white and lighter parts will be visible in that layer.

Some websites with "mask" brushes available:

Hopefully you understand that! :D

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cool. really nice ^_^ >> =D

By JRock-Layouts-and-Graphics on Jun 28, 2008 11:07 pm

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