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i love this <3great tutorial.

Posted by x___jkln on Oct 14, 06 11:23 pm

love this tutorial ;]

Posted by summabreezeofluv on Aug 15, 06 12:56 pm

If you're having issues with it then please feel free to IM me, or, post your questions here. And PLEASE be descriptive in how it's not working. I tried to write it, the tutorial, in as much detail as I could. Thank you Melisssaaaa

Posted by technicolour on Jul 13, 06 10:30 am

yeah she does^. heheehx;KRISTINA YOU ARE MY HERO, i saw this on a layout i think as a header thingy or a banner or a blend if forgot whos and where heheh, but i wanted to knowhow to do that, AND NOW I DO BECAUSE OF YOU. you amazing person.

Posted by Jeng on Jul 13, 06 9:53 am

i have some problems. do you have aim?

Posted by illestloserr on Jul 13, 06 9:35 am

yea..i have a problem on the pasting picture, i'm using 7.0 and how do i copy the pic and paste in the shaded part?and i can't see the arrow u been talking about

Posted by mizuki_tohru on Jul 11, 06 8:02 pm

hey, thank you SO much for the tutorial! I've always wondered how designers did this.

Posted by Individualityy on Jun 15, 06 1:56 pm

I expected this to be so difficult.I was wrong.Great tut, thanks!x

Posted by xFashion_Rejectx on May 27, 06 11:04 am

This was really good! And I learned something new. Thank you.

Posted by Galeria on May 11, 06 7:20 pm

This is so cool! im going to try it

Posted by LOVELY GiGi on May 6, 06 6:32 pm

o wow. i never done it before. i love this tut !

Posted by demolished on May 6, 06 3:30 am


Posted by add1cted2f1re on May 6, 06 1:04 am

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