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1) Open a new document (Ctrl + N), fill it with a color.

2) Add some text with the text tool.

3) Duplicate the text layer (click on it and press Ctrl + J) or go to: [ Layer > New > Layer via Copy ]

4) Go to [ Edit > Transform > Rotate 90� CW ]

Then you will have something like this.

6) Now go to [ Filter > Stylize > Wind ]

7) A window will pop up, asking you to rasterize the layer, click OK.

8) Another window will pop up, set the wind properties and click OK.

Now you'll have something like this.

9) Now, return to [ Edit > Transform > Rotate 90� CCW ] This time, it's not 90�CW but 90�CCW.

10) Move the layer a little so it can fit the original layer.

11) Here is your results. I know if you stretched the words instead it would of been easier, but try tackling this challenge. :wink: Credits: Pootato

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yeah, the ctrl+t option from selection on about 2px of the bottom of the test would work too. but I like this icecles. could come in handy one day

By synapse on Jul 9, 2007 4:03 am

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