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This is what the bubbles look like:
User posted image
its really easy to make them.

step 1.
open up a blank document. it doesn't matter what size. make the background transparent.

Step 2.
Grab you eliptical marquee tool
User posted image
and hold shift to draw a circle.
User posted image

step 3.
use the gradient tool
User posted image
and set it to
mode: overlay
Gradient style: Radial gradient
Opacity: 100%
check the box on the right that says transparency
make your gradient from the bottom to the center of the circle so it looks like this

User posted image
it doesn't have to be exact, and use any colors you like. i found it looks better if you use ones with some contrast to them, but do whatever you like.

step 4.
get the dodge tool
User posted image
set it to highlights and set the exposure to 50%
use it to highlite one side of the circle. make sure you keep with the curve of the circle.
User posted image

step 5.
use the burn tool
User posted image
to shade the side opposite the one you highlited. again, stay with the curve.
User posted image

step 6.
repeat the process, each time changing the size, color, and placement of the circle. for the overlapping look, use the same layer for all of them. if you want a more solid look, make a different layer each time you make a new circle.


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I gotta try this!

By Leesah on Jun 21, 2009 9:08 pm

wow pretty!

By -BrokenWing on May 30, 2008 1:03 pm

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