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for Adobe Photoshop

The first thing you should do is open a new 500x500 document.

To reset your color pallet, press D and then X.

Your background color should be black so press Ctrl+Backspace to fill in your new 500x500 document.

Next, go to Filter>Render>Lens flare and use the default settings. Place the center of the lens flare in the top left hand corner.

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After you do the lens flare, you should go to Filter>Sketch>Chrome.

The settings should be :

Detail: 10
Smoothness: 0

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Set the layer to lighten, then duplicate it 6 times.

Go to Filter>Distort>Wave. Use the default setting and give the Randomize button a few clicks. You should do the same for the next three layers.

On the second to last layer, go to Filter>Distort>Twirl.

The settings should be :

Angle: 150

On the last layer, go to Filter>Distort>Twirl.

The settings should be:

Angle: -150

After the last Twirl, merge all the layers together.

Press Ctrl+U and check the colorize box.

The settings should be:

Hue: 205
Saturation: 45
Lightness: 0

Then go to Filter>Blur>Guassion Blur.

The settings should be:

Radius: 3.0

Then go to Edit>Fade Gaussion Blur

The settings should be:

Opacity: 100
Mode: Overlay

And WHALA! Its done =) Remeber, you will NOT get the same results I did.
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Nice :)

By antitru5t on Jun 13, 2009 1:28 am

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