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well some people were asking how to make their own ipod ad out of any old picture. and i decided to follow thru with this tutorial

iPod Ad
Software: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
level: easy/beginner
special thanks to: [url=http://www.createblog.com/forums/index.php?showuser=11270]SHAWTY_TOYA [/url] for helping me with the screenshots
thought up by: me =)

1.find a picture that would like to make into an iPod ad and save it onto your computer. the larger the pic the easier making the ad is. heres the pic i got from [url=http://www.indexstock.com/default.asp]indexstock.com[/url]
[url=http://img20.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ipodpic6zd.jpg]User posted image[/url]

Open it up on Photoshop -file>>open

2.create a new layer directly above the background layer
User posted image

3 with the ‘paint bucket tool’, fill this layer (“layer 1”) with your desired background colour
*I chose red* opacity: 100%, mode: normal

(don’t worry.. anytime you feel you’re wanting a color change you can just repeat step 3)
User posted image

4. Make ‘layer 1’ invisible by pressing the ‘eye’ button located next to ‘layer 1’
Select the “polygonal lasso tool” located in the tools palette and outline the entire body
Forget about outlining the iPod, and the earphones. Just get the general silhouette of the body.
Also focus on making your outline smooth, and not choppy, for a cleaner/more professional look.
User posted image

5. Go back to your layers palette and make a new layer… ‘Layer 2’
Make sure: your outline is still selected //‘layer 2’ is still selected in the layers palette// and your foreground colour is set to black (#000000)
Then use the ‘paint bucket tool’ again and fill in the outline by simply clicking on the picture.
Only the selected areas should fill causing a silhouette type effect
User posted image

6. Make ‘layer 2’ invisible (by clicking the eye next to the layer)
Then deselect the outline of the body (right click>>deselect).. if you dont see the deslect button check to see if the 'lasso tool' is selected
Make a new layer (‘layer 3’)
User posted image

7.Outline the actual iPod (not the wires/headphones)
*Since mine doesn’t have the actually iPod shown in the picture I’m going to select it in myself (using my judgment) in his left hand*
User posted image

8.make sure layer 3 is selected and the foreground colour is set to white (#FFFFFF)
Then, using the ‘paint bucket tool’, fill in the iPod
User posted image

9. Next step is to deselect. (Right click>>deselect)

Part II the wire/earplugs
this is the hardest part... but its still pretty easy

10. The best way to handle the wire is in sections. Mentally figure out how you will section out the wire.
*Here’s what I’m picturing in my head in order of which section I’ll do first [fyi: I changed the path of my wire]*
User posted image

11. Now using the ‘polygonal lasso tool’, select the part of wire found in one section. Start at the edge of the section, select up thru the middle of the wire then create a big box around the wire that’s far away from the wire, then select back to start
[refer to the picture below(here im working in section 2)]
User posted image

12. Once you do step 11. go to select>>modify>>smooth. Depending on your image size/selection of your wire write in the amount of pixels you want it to smooth by. *I chose “4” pixels*

13. Go to select>>modify>>border.
Once again depending on your selection/ image size, choose your thickness of wire.
*2 pixels was a good thickness border for my image*
User posted image

14. Now back to the ‘polygonal lasso tool’. Except change the settings for it to subtract
User posted image
Subtract everything that has nothing to do with that section of wire by drawing a box around the parts that aren’t needed

User posted image User posted image

15. Once your selection looks right, select ‘layer 3’, then use the ‘paint bucket tool’ and fill that section of wire in white

16. Repeat steps 11-15 for all the other sections of wire that still need to be completed

User posted imageUser posted image
User posted imageUser posted image

ok so heres what i have so far>
User posted image

17. Once you’ve finished all the wires, its onto the earplug(s)
Simple, just outline the shape of the plug, then fill it in with white using the ‘paint bucket tool’
User posted image User posted image

18. once your finished the earplugs make all 4 layers visible and see if it looks good. If your satisfied, crop it to the size you prefer then add “iPod” in one of the corners... the font I used was white “ITC Franklin Gothic”

Thennn your done! :laugh:

User posted image

any questions?! PM me, or leave a comment! Hope this was helpful, efficient and easy to follow :ermm:
[size=1][font=Tahoma]Added by nyah-nek0
Some other good fonts that are similar to the iPod font are Arial, Lucidia Sans and Myriad Pro.[/size][/font]

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you should post a final product picture.

By bangxdisco on Feb 11, 2008 9:00 pm

the actual iPod ads aren't total silhouettes but great anyway!

By gummy-bear on Aug 31, 2007 10:54 pm

When You Use The Lasso Tool To Trace Over The Person, How Do You Make It So Straight Because When I Try It, Its Curvy And It Looks Bad Afterwards.

By JustinLoLover311 on Jul 29, 2007 3:54 am

I do it in another way. It involves opening three documents, though.
First I use the Magnetic Lasso tool to save me some time in outlining, I move it to a full white background, then I outline it again to get rid of any thing that may stick out. Afterwards, I open a third, with a white background. Then I color it whatever, move the smooth black outline onto it, and improvise. =] This is good, too.

By laelion on Jun 26, 2007 2:17 am

Nice. I barely see any of these tutorials on the net.Although the finished product looks a little pixely ..

By markmejia on Mar 25, 2007 1:47 pm

wow, this is too cool for school.kudos :]

By dramamakap on Mar 25, 2007 12:44 pm

Wow, that's cute! xD I luff it. I don't have Photoshop for another week, and even then my version will be CS-2, so yeah. But I think I might just try it in Paint Shop Pro. ^_^

By CherishedNeuroticObscenity on Feb 19, 2007 9:02 pm

Hmm old tutorial, I was thinking we had accepted another one or something..Anyway this tutorial has always been liked. I think it was a great contribution as well. Although it seems when ever I see anyone do it, the edges end up being really pixelated at

By Insurmountable on Feb 11, 2007 11:54 am

This is really, really cool. Thank you. :)

By tokyo-rose on Feb 10, 2007 11:27 pm


By _cheekz_ on Jan 19, 2007 5:42 pm
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