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Does this work for Photoshop Cs3? :/

Posted by BiennChulaaxO on Jan 23, 10 10:07 am

so pretty...

Posted by impurities on Dec 30, 09 8:34 pm

I absolutely love this tutorial, it worked great with cs4!!! thank you bunches!!

Posted by sillyme02 on Sep 13, 09 6:11 pm

The sets of curves are for each different point,
Like, the curves have 2 points when you open them up, one at the top, one and the bottom,
And then if you click on the line in the middle, it adds another point,
So basically, the different sets of curves are for each point:

So one point should be 24 input, 32 output,
The next point should be 136 input, 176 output
And the last point should be 255 input, 255 output.

And you go along like that.

Hope that helps somewhat?
I'm not very good at explaining :P

Posted by aliiicimo on Aug 6, 09 4:31 pm

i don't get the stuff with the curves o_O

Posted by princessx143 on Aug 6, 09 1:55 pm

What version of photoshop do you have, because I only have CS2 and thats where my gradient came from.

Posted by aliiicimo on Jul 30, 09 11:46 am

Sorry but might I ask where you got your gradients? Or was a default? Cuz I don't have it. o_o

Posted by HappyRicex on Jul 30, 09 5:45 am

I don't know anything about Photoshop Elements at all, sorry. :(

Posted by aliiicimo on Jul 28, 09 11:35 am

I have the same version of Photoshop & I don't get how to do the curves thing 3 times too. o__o;; help please ?

Posted by xgrizzy on Jul 24, 09 9:22 pm

i have photoshop elements 5.0 and when i try to get the curves layer, it wont let me... what do i go to? someone please help [;

Posted by LaLa7oh7 on Jul 21, 09 11:06 pm

im a photoshop newbie and i dont get why there are 3 sets of curve adjustments for each RGB and Blue....ban someone help me?

Posted by Kayla7x on Jul 14, 09 11:15 pm

love the outcome!

Posted by futura on Jul 14, 09 4:58 am

The final effect is so pretty.
This is a perfect example of a balanced retro-purplish effect. Thanks!

Posted by creole on Jul 10, 09 7:54 pm

The outcome is gorgeous. :O
Totally using in my next batch of icons.

Posted by so-sarcastic on Jul 10, 09 1:03 pm

This is really cute, i love the dreamy effect it makes, i will deffo try this sometime. (:

Posted by SammyTheHeadbutt on Jul 10, 09 11:00 am

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