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Agh, my bad. Double post, lul.

Posted by HHDragoon on Jul 1, 10 10:30 am

I love this. :DD

Posted by HHDragoon on Jul 1, 10 10:30 am

I love this. :DD

Posted by HHDragoon on Jul 1, 10 10:29 am

but i love this

Posted by georgejetKins on Apr 19, 10 10:55 am

aahh, thank you so much. i've been looking for a tutorial like this since my photoshop reset itself, because i used to have an action that made coloring like this. gracias.

Posted by stumblelyts on Jul 12, 09 6:55 pm

To be honest, I think the reds could have been toned down a bit..
I like this effect and all, but to me, it seems like her whole skin is sunburned. o_o

I like the 6th picture of the tutorial though. ^_^ When her eyes really stand out, and her skin is like milky white.

Posted by creole on Jul 10, 09 8:00 pm

Oh, I love this.
Great. :)

Posted by schlampe on Jul 6, 09 6:59 am

love it

Posted by tohru-anime on Jul 3, 09 4:23 pm

I love this! absolutely stunning.

Posted by jasminemr on Jun 29, 09 10:18 pm

oh love it.

Posted by futura on Jun 29, 09 6:49 pm

Lovely final product, I love how the reds are brought out, and the exclusion layer made a really strong and nice difference(:

Posted by aliiicimo on Jun 29, 09 8:19 am

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