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In this tutorial I will show you how to increase the size and quality of your holiday pictures.I will use a picture of a really nice landscape. Unfortunately, the only photo camera available was my mobile phone, so the quality of the picture is not very good.
So here is the picture:

First, let`s reduce the noise a little bit in Photoshop. Open the image and go to Filter -> Noise -> Reduce Noise.Here are the settings I`ve used for this picture:

Now, to enlarge the picture I will not use Photoshop. I will use instead Reshade – Image Enlarger, a much better tool then Photoshop when it comes to enlarging images.
So, I will double the size of the picture. The end result should look like this:

Here are the settings that I`ve used (feel free to play with the settings, you may find a better looking image):

Now, open the edited image in Photoshop. Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Shadow/Highlight and play with the settings. Here are the settings that I`ve used:

And the end result should look like this:

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