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First get a render and ill b usin this one
Click to enlarge
resize it so it'll fit ur sig by goin to
User posted image
i resized it to 350x350

so paste ur render and make a duplicate of it
layer>>duplicate layer

then hide ur original render by clickin on the eye
User posted image

then use motion blur
angle: 30
distance: about 30-40

then duplicate that layer with the motion blur about 3-5 times to cover up the whole sig like this u can also move the images with motion blur around nd even rotate it by goin to edit>>freetransform
User posted image

Now, its time for the brush. make a new layer, get a grunge brush that u like and start brushin it white. make sure the layer ur brushin on is on the top. i brushed it like this
User posted image
after u do that, make the layer to overlay
User posted image
then make a new layer and brush it with black and put it as overlay.
after that make a new layer and brush it with white nd put is as overlay.
this is how mine loox so far
User posted image

Then, bring the layer that is invisible wiht ur render all the way to the top and make it visible by pressin the eye again.

duplicate the layer and go to filter>>gaussian blur
put around 5-10 radius and den put the layer as overlay. if that loox too dark try color dodge or soft light. or u can just go down through all the styles of layers until it loox good.

i used soft light and lowered the opacity to bout 40%
den i duplicated the layer and used motion blur and put it on colordodge with the opacity as 30%
heres mine so far
User posted image

i started brushin round the render on a new layer with white and put it on overlay. then i used a black brush and did the same to blend in the render a bit more.
den add ur text and if u want a border make a new layer
the 3px border is the common one.
after u make a new layer press ctrl+a
it should select the layer
den go to edit>>stroke
put it to 3px and choose to color to whatever u want
and press ok then go to edit>>stroke again and where it says normal, put it to clear. put it to 2px and press ok
then go to edit>>stroke again and put 1px and change the clear to normal and put the color as the one that u first used for the 3px stroke.

u can add more effects to it
heres what i ended up with
User posted image

after more effects this is what i came up with
User posted image

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