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thank you :)

Posted by SheRocksSolo on Dec 29, 09 2:24 am

Can this be done using CS2 ?

Posted by JoJoDsign on Jul 22, 09 11:52 am

awesome i love it haha i've looked at this time b4 but i just now figured it out cuz the controls are dif in 7

Posted by epiclyts on May 29, 09 9:09 pm

omg i put the sparkle in the plug in somethign wrong with my photoshop -.- i need to reinstall

Posted by x13abiez on Dec 7, 08 2:43 pm

can u help me with the plug in pls
idk wat to do im sort of lost i dont knoe where to put the plug in

Posted by external-town on Nov 30, 08 10:13 pm

omg ahhh i love this! thanks so much!

Posted by AznDDRlover on Nov 18, 08 7:38 pm

can PS3 do that? ^.^

Posted by nolee on Oct 27, 08 5:30 pm

i'm having problem w/ plug in!!??
how do i even extract it into photoshop???? that's the problem!

Posted by choualee12 on Oct 23, 08 1:24 pm

There is no VM Natural in CS3 =(

Posted by ohsnapx3 on Oct 22, 08 1:33 pm

Thanx alot fo da help man it really helped me out
great tutorial

Posted by lianitis on Oct 21, 08 7:41 am

MemoriesWithin : Read the tut again, I edited it for you :D
If you still have problems, please PM me =]

Posted by sunshine07 on Oct 21, 08 2:41 am

I can't find VM Natural in Filters at all. =X

Posted by MemoriesWithin on Oct 21, 08 1:47 am

im having problems downloading the plug in. need help asap
but dis is cool dough
thank you

Posted by lianitis on Oct 20, 08 8:44 pm

Amazin' :]

Posted by Spizzy on Oct 18, 08 10:47 am

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