The Easiest way to change eye color. (comments)

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Amazing. Thanks so much. +fav's

Posted by naythan82 on Sep 22, 09 4:36 am

oohhh, i love it :D

Posted by xdeniseeee on Jan 15, 09 12:44 am

your next tutorial should be how to get your eye looking like the picture to start with :)

Posted by turnupthevolume on Jan 2, 09 2:33 pm


Posted by iPityForiPodRIPJoe on Nov 30, 08 10:41 am

my thanks for this. this is what i searching for ^^

Posted by xmari0nettedoIIx on Nov 28, 08 5:44 am

Dude under me: don't advertise your shit on my stuff :D
If you need to tell me something, PM me.


Posted by Harp on Nov 10, 08 12:40 pm

I know a way that takes just a little bit longer,
But it is easier,
And has a really great effect..
You can check my myspace pictures to see examples,
I'll post at tutorial soon..
myspace(dot)cim/xlovex olivex
If it asks for last name: Watts

Posted by iPityForiPodRIPJoe on Nov 10, 08 11:39 am

wow so easy! thanks sm!

Posted by sunshine07 on Oct 28, 08 7:48 am


Posted by amish-hammer on Oct 15, 08 8:10 pm

this is perfect! THANK YOU!

Posted by mcflylover on Oct 10, 08 10:13 pm

thank you thank you!!
that is too easy to beleive.

Posted by Chlorine3000 on Oct 10, 08 9:27 pm

in more detail? ;o

Posted by Casper on Oct 4, 08 2:31 pm

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