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This tutorial is pretty basic, so I’m just going to get right to it.

The Pattern
1) Open your image is PS or make one that we can use for a pattern. (I’ll be using this image.)
2) Now go to Edit-Define Pattern and set the name to w/e you wish. then hit ok.

Saving The Patterns
1) Grab your paint bucket tool (If you don’t see it it’s probably under your gradient tool)
2) Now change foreground to pattern if you haven’t already done so.
3) Click the dropdown menu part where you select your patterns. Now click the arrow and then Save Patterns. Choose the name and save it to wherever you wish, but make sure you move the file to Program Files-Adobe-Adobe Photoshop CS3-Presents-Patterns

NOTE: The file may not be photoshop cs3 like mine if you have a older version, it may be photoshop 7, photoshop cs2, etc: etc:

Click Here: If you wish to download the chain pattern (There’s 1 with the black background, and another with a transparent background, so that one will work with a different color background like for example 4a4a4a)

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