Make a Stack of Polaroids. (comments)

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I love this, it's awesome ^^

Posted by nolee on Dec 6, 08 11:31 pm

mine actually turns out great!! XD
thankxx a lot!!

Posted by choualee12 on Dec 4, 08 8:57 pm

i loved this! just did it with a picture that is a great memory :]

Posted by Joss-eh-lime on Nov 6, 08 8:09 pm

Another great tut, fast, easy and comes out with a great effect

Posted by Matt707 on Aug 6, 08 12:13 am

love it. thanks :)

Posted by xoxomansi on Jul 12, 08 3:50 am

nice tutorial =]

Posted by N4th4li3L on Jul 7, 08 12:13 pm

Shit's simple. What's easier is to scan an ACTUAL polaroid, then crop out the image that was there, and replace it with your image. Voila.

Posted by signifiedreign on Jun 5, 08 1:45 am

flyingjewels: just right click on layer1 and click on duplicate layer, then control t, and you're good to go :) hope that helps..

btw, good job to manny the dino!i love your tutorials! :)

Posted by vampirella on Apr 24, 08 11:10 am

so in step 13... you said to do it 4 more times. well... I got the turning the first one, but I don't get how you're supposed to do it four more times if there's only one there. XD did I do something wrong...? because, err, it looked like the picture in the step beforehand, though.

but even just with the single polaroid, this is fantastic. kudos to you. :D

Posted by FlyingJewels on Apr 13, 08 9:15 pm

i cant go to canvas size after i select with the crop thing.. plz help?

Posted by babylove24 on Apr 13, 08 12:56 pm

Actually make a tutorial bout it >:]

Posted by ItzSusanx3 on Mar 16, 08 10:53 am

Omg i Love your tutorials. i got a few things i really want to learn could u teach my it? if you could could u like comment me >:]

Posted by ItzSusanx3 on Mar 16, 08 10:50 am

It won't let me go to image and then canvas size :(

Posted by JoannLeung on Mar 8, 08 11:03 am

omg. all ur tutorials nice man~ btw, can i contact u?? i wanna ask u sth. pls??

Posted by jlynlalaland on Mar 8, 08 9:37 am

very shnazzy.

Posted by takle_monster on Mar 7, 08 10:10 pm

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