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This tutorial is to teach you how to make an animated avatar or icon (for AIM or anything really); you could also use it for backrounds too!

Requirements: Paint Shop Pro (I will use 9) and Animation Shop 3. Both have a trial session at [url=http://www.jasc.com]their website[/url].
First we must start out with an IMG.

With the image, decide what you want to "blink" or be animated. I will have the word animated.
Press F12 to save it. Save it as avatest.gif. Be sure to save it in the .gif format.

then open a new image at: 98x100.

Open the file you saved before (avatest.gif). Then us the "Add Text" tool (be sure that you have the color[s] you want your word to blink as. mine will be gray.)

Now depending on what yours is saying, your input will be different. Now, add the first letter (or symbol) in your text in the color that you want it to blink as. Fit it right so that it is covering the original font piece.
Once you have done that, SAVE IT (press F12)! Save it under: avatest2.gif this way you can remember the file name easily with out looking through your files.

keep doing this for each letter, but be sure to undo what you did for each letter as you go, so only one text is "not seen".
Once you have completed your font "invisiblity" open up Animation Shop 3.

Go to File>>Open>> and type in the name of the first box (with all of the words visible. avatest.gif)

Then go to Animation>>Insert Frames>>From File and open all of the files that you changed the font for. Once you have Done all of the files, do the first one (avatest.gif) one more time.

Press F12 and save as avatestfinal.gif . Click View>>Animation. this will show your animation, even though it shows it fast, it will go slower. But you aren't done yet!

Animation Shop 3 will make it 10/100 secs for each frame. This is too fast and you want to slow it down.

At the frames bar, left click the first frame. Right click at it (or Alt+Enter) to launch the Frame Properties, adjust the timer, increase to slow animation and decrease to speed up animation. I put it to "1".

Now you are ALMOST done; just one more thing. The animation will only repeat once, and you most likely want it to repeat infinitely. To do that, press SHIFT, ALT, ENTER. A pop up will appear. Click on the flap that says "looping". Then click the bubble that says, "Repeat Animation Infinitely". Now you are done!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial as much as I did. Have fun and ANIMATE! :biggrin:

oh and i would love to see your creations! so please, when you get it, show me! i would love to see them!

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Can you make one for PhotoFiltre or Photoshop?

By EmmaleeDaniellex on Oct 15, 2008 11:22 pm

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