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[font=arial][size=1] alright. I am going to teach you how you can resize easily with PSP8. this is a sorta different way. this may be done with other PSP programs, but I'm not really sure. I want to credit swimchick.net for this tutorial, though I wanted to share this with everyone, and I put it in my own words:

first, open up any picture that you want to resize. I will be using this picture here:
User posted image

even though I don't really like Britney Spears, this will have to do for now.

second, click the cursor tool. that shaped like your mouse, lol. and set the zoom to 80 or anything you want to.

third, now pay attention, then you can see it's resized, correct? if it's not, you have done something wrong. if it's resized, good, now take a screen shot. on laptops they are Fn + Prnt Scrn. on regular computers I think they just one of the F keys.. o.O (but be aware that if you do want to take screen shots and save it, you need to paste it into Paint, and then save it)

this is mine that is the screenshot, and it's resized:
Click to enlarge

now, after that you have resized it.. press CTRL V or paste.. and the screenshot should appear on your PSP.

afterwards, click the crop tool.
Now double click and then the picture should come up on its self.. now if it's not already its actual size go back to the cursor tool, and then click actual size, and it should be nicely resized, then.

sorry if this does not work. but if you want to read the swimchick.net way, go to swimchick.net, and go to tutorials, and search for resize images.

hope I helped! =D

NOTE: or, instead of clicking the cursor tool. below the Materials, you can you use the zoom there, and resize that if you want. it looks nicer. but click on cropping to make it fit as 100x100 pixels, or if it's too big, just keep cropping it when it's resized.

:throb: Melissa[/size][/font]

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That's what I really needed, thank you!

By taddred on Dec 22, 2009 4:01 am

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