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THis tutorial was made for PSP9 but you can easily follow it with other versions. I'm not so sure about versions older than PSP7 but newer than that, it's fine.
I will be using this image for this tutorial. This is a really simple tutorial so there's no need to use the same picture I'm using. But if you want to anyway, go ahead.
User posted image
First duplicate your layer. (Layers>duplicate)
Then go to Effects>Distortion>Pixelate
Set your settings like this:
Block width:50
Block height: 50
Symmetric checked.
Press OK.
Now your image should look like this:
User posted image
Now change the opacity on the layer pallette to 20. Then your image will look like this:
User posted image
Or try something different by messing with the blend mode (Layers>Properties).
User posted image
User posted image

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how do chu change the occoupation?

By yuffiexchanX on Jan 15, 2008 7:39 pm

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