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This tutorial was made for PSP(PaintShopPro). It can be used in PS(photoshop) if you know the equivalents of edge preserving smooth and posterize.
Usually, people just add some brushes and smooth out image qualities to spice up a picture. However, I'm here to introduce you a style of image editing that you've maybe not seen before. Follow these simple 6 steps to create a wonderful outcome!
---------------------Step 1
Open your image in PSP. I chose this image of Rachel Bilson.
User posted image
---------------------Step 2
Duplicate your base layer(right click on the base layer and choose duplicate). You should now have two layers of the same image.
---------------------Step 3
Choose the second layer and go to Adjust->Add/Remove Noise->Edge Preserving Smooth->Amount of smoothing between 1-5.(This step may be different if you're not using PSPX or PSPXI) I chose 5, for best results.
Your image should look all smooth now.
User posted image
---------------------Step 4
Duplicate the 2nd layer(not the base layer). Go to Effects->Artistic Effects->Posterize->Levels between 10-15. I chose 12(it depends on your image)
Your image should look awesome by now. But we're not done yet.
User posted image
---------------------Step 5
Double click on the second layer and go to the dropdown menu that says "blend mode," choose the selection of "soft light" and press OK.
Without the 3rd layer, the image should look at a perfect glowing tone.
User posted image
---------------------Step 6
Double click on the third layer and do the same as the second, but this time choose the blend mode "Luminance(Legacy)" and press OK.
Voila! You now have a painted-like image!
User posted image

(This tutorial was not created by me, but by my friend. I simply edited it since she thought it was vectoring & I thought it looked painted.)

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^hmm, i got this off of one of my friends; she made this tutorial & never published it(she asked me to do so), suppose i should go and fix it then.---------tutorial changed to "painted" images-------------

By Stefanny on Nov 25, 2006 6:08 pm

These don't even slightly resemble a vector.

By Gypsy Eyes on Nov 24, 2006 11:30 pm

first of all rule #1 patience, not knowing how to vecotor doesnt matter thats why there is tutorials out there... you can always try and learn

By 83RN15 on Nov 24, 2006 2:48 am

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