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[center]SHINE REFLECTIONS[/center]

Welcome to my tutorial, folks! Here I'll teach you how to make a Shine-Reflection, like this:

User posted image

This tutorial is made is PSP X. It should be compatible with earlier versions of psp as well.

[center]STEP ONE:[/center]

Start off with your background image, or the image you want to have the reflection on. I'm going to use:

User posted image

- Set your background color to white, or FFFFFF and select a font and size. If it's a large font, put your anti-alias as Smooth. Leave your stroke width at 0 and Create as Floating.
(I'm using the font "Illegal Edding" at size 30)

- Go to Layers --> New Raster Layer --> OK

- Position your text, and type it in. Deselect afterwards (Ctrl + D)

[center]STEP TWO:[/center]

- In your Layers palette, right click on the Raster with the text (raster 1 or 2...depends) and click "Duplicate"

- Go to Adjust --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur --> And set the radius to 3. Press Ok.

- Double Click on the Copied raster in the layers palette, and reduce the opacity to 70

- Right click on the Copied Layer, and click "Merge Down" so you have 1 text layer again.

- Right click the merged layer, and click "Duplicate". Then go to Image --> Flip. You should see a disorted text, now because of the flipped image over the original text:

User posted image

- Press the "M" key on your keyboard, or select the "Move" tool. Click on top of your text, and drag the reflection downward beneath the first text, so it's like a reflection. It's ok if some parts are overlapping:

User posted image

[center]STEP THREE:[/center]

- Press "K" on your keyboard, or select the "Disortion" tool or "Pick" tool. A dotted box with nodes (squares) at the ends and sides should have appeared around your reflected text.

- Select the middle, bottom node, and drag it upward about 2/3 of the way. This should have squished the reflection. You might have to re-move it directly below the text.

User posted image

- Press "Z" on your keyboard, so you can see your work without the Pick Tool.

- In your layers palette, double click on the Copied Layer. Set the opacity to 80.

[center]STEP FOUR:[/center]

- Right click on the copied layer, and click "Duplicate". Now you should have 2 copies.

- Go to Adjust --> Blur --> Motion Blur. Set your Angle to 180 and your strength to 30, or if it's a large image set it to like 60. Press OK.

- Right click on the 2nd Copy (copy(2)) and click "Merge Down". You should now have 1 copy, 1 original text, and 1 of your background. Here's what your image should look similar to:

User posted image

[center]STEP FIVE:[/center]

- Now to add the floor of the reflection. Go to layers --> New Raster Layer --> OK.

- Set your foreground color to the "Fading White" Gradient, Angle at 0, non-inverted, and 0 repeats.

- Click on the "Rectangular Selection" Tool, or press "S" on your keyboard and use the drop-down menu to pick "Rectangle". Set your feather to 0.

- Set your background color to White, or FFFFFF

- Make a THIN rectangle under the letters of the reflection, acting like a divider. Then using th Flood Fill tool, fill the selection in.

User posted image

- Deselect, and double click on the raster layer in the layers palette. Reduce the opacity to 70.

[center]STEP SIX:[/center]

- Go to layers --> new raster layer --> ok.

- Click on the "Rectangular Selection" Tool, or press "S" on your keyboard and use the drop-down menu to pick "Rectangle". Set your feather to 0.

- Make a selection box across the entire image (if it's a small signature, like this one) if not just under the text, the top of the selection box as the top of the white line you just made.

User posted image

- Select the Flood Fill Tool, or press "F" on your keyboard. Fill in the selection. Go to selections --> Select none.

- In the layers palette, double click the layer. Set your opacity to 60. Click OK. Right click the layer in the layers palette, and click "Merge Down" so that your white line and your fading white gradient are on one layer. Your image should look something like this:

User posted image

[center]STEP SEVEN:[/center]

- Now we're going to make it a bit faded. Select the "Ecplise Selection tool" and set your feather to 60, Anti-alias checked.

- Start at the end of your reflection, farthest away from the text and draw and oval to about mid-way point before reaching the text. Here's a diagram:

User posted image
User posted image

- Press the delete key ONCE. Then go to selections --> Select None.

- This is your choice as to how you would like to have the floor of the reflection set. On this particular sig I'm going to erase some of it here:

User posted image

[center]And now, my final project looks like this:

User posted image[/center]

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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:3 perfect

By symone610 on Jun 20, 2009 4:04 am

wow, this is a really great tutorial! thank you so much =)

By ijustfelldown on Jan 20, 2009 3:38 pm

this is brill! i did the lettering bit fine, the reflection line was a bit confusing tho, but other than that *2 great big thumbs up* =o)

By genrecore on May 15, 2008 4:54 am

coolieo :D
but i didnt get the last part really >.

By yuffiexchanX on Jan 15, 2008 8:34 pm

id personally never use it but great tutorial.

By turnupthevolume on Oct 22, 2007 2:40 pm


By STEPHY818 on Feb 24, 2007 7:04 pm

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