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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make these dream/space-like swirls with colorizations!
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Pretty, no? Read on ;]

This tutorial was originally found in http://imanimetions.net for PS, but I have altered it for PSP.

Okay, first of all open up PSP. You must have a version that is 8 or above. I have X, just to let you know.

Create a slightly large new canvas with a black background. Mine is 500x500. Create a new raster layer.

Using the selection tool [User posted image] with the following settings, make a circle in the middle of your canvas.
User posted image
Fill it with white. Do not unselect the circle just yet. (The following image is a thumb to show you how big my circle is)
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Now, go to selections -> modify -> contract. Set it at 20 pixels, hit ok, and press delete. You should now have a big hole in the middle of your circle. Hit CTRL+D to deselect.

Go to effects -> geometric -> skew. Put your settings like mine.
User posted image

Next, we take the magic wand tool. Set your settings like mine, first.
User posted image
With the magic wand, click on the white part of the circle. It should select only the white. Go to selections -> modify -> contract. Set it to 1 pixel at hit ok. Then, go to selections -> modify -> feather. Set the feathering to 10 pixels and hit ok. Press delete once. It should give your circle the first dreamy look ;]

Now for the hard part. Duplicate the circle layer at least four times. With each new circle, modify it to make the circle smaller, bigger, slanted, etc. etc. This should give it the next dreamy effect. Your circles should look somewhat like this.
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Once you're done, merge all the circle layers. Duplicate that layer, and go to adjust -> blur -> gaussian blur -> and set the radius to 10.00. And if you want, you can also blur the main layer with a 1.00 radius to give it a more dreamy look. This should be the next dreamy effect.

Create a new layer, and set the blend mode to overlay or soft light [ overlay will color better, but soft light will get the blur in ]. Fill the new layer with a nice 3 color gradient, and voila! You're finished; hope you get a good outcome like me.
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Thanks for reading my spaced-out swirls tutorial! Steff-uh-nee out ;]

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please explain the last part a little more... how did u get the 3 colors????????

By taniababy on Jun 13, 2009 6:07 am

Haha...im confused too...i got
all of it except when it said here comes the hard
part..which was really hard!

By maloneinari1 on Jan 2, 2009 1:35 am

im stupid and so confused :p

By xAqUaBeb3X on May 15, 2008 3:44 pm

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