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A Blend Is Very Simple And Easy To Make. First You need to find a picture, if you look on yahoo or google search i recomend on looking for the picture as wallpaper or large. I'll be using Anna Kournikova. First open up Paint Shop Pro 9, then paste the wallpaper image your using. Find a second picture and paste it on then press this button:
User posted image
The picture should be on top of the other on and move it to the spot you want it too be on. the click the eraser tool.
User posted image
Erase the uneeded parts and repeat the steps until you have it the way you want, when you are done click Layers>Merge>Merge All (Flatten) then click on Effects>texture Effects>Textures the pick the way you want it and the color. Then your done, you have made a blend.

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OH AND PEOPLE IF YOU PASTE AS NEW LAYER IN PSP9 it will NOT let you drag it to where you want it you have to click on the image background that u want and have the pic copied that u want blended.

then hit CTRL E and it will let you drag it! THEN click that selection thingy and move it where u want it.

if u want it overlayed or blended in good go to 'Layers' > 'Properties' then play around with the settings and see what you want it to do.


By emmijane on Sep 3, 2008 2:51 pm

this is a little short.
there's a lot more that's need to be said about it.
this would be hard for someone to try for some.

like i know how to do it, duh i have like 15 layouts.
but to some ppl they will be like WHAT?!??!?!

By emmijane on Sep 3, 2008 2:49 pm

Nice job. I think it worked fairly for me.

By DonielleRose on Jul 8, 2008 11:15 am

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