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You can also use a mask to save on some of the copy and pasting. You still need to select your object; the find edges tool is good. Save your selection to an alpha channel in case you need to apply it again. Then copy your selection to a new layer. Turn visibility off on your original image (which is preserved). Use the expand selection to go out enough to give you the line thickness you want. Save that selection to a second alpha channel. Now create a new layer and fill it with the colour you want the line to be. Put it underneath the layer with your image. Now create a new mask layer that only shows your (expanded) selection. The rest of the background will disappear and you will be left with a line around your image. You can easily create and apply different masks to vary the thickness of the line.

Posted by dplmartin on Sep 13, 11 4:06 am

how to do is in photoshop?

Posted by miekoCHAN on Jan 10, 09 10:42 pm

Awesome! And to everyone - an easier way to erase the background...there's a tutorial on that here:
http://www.createblog.c om/tutorials/tutorial.php?id=1 264

Posted by emmasawr on Nov 27, 08 8:43 am


Posted by NoWorriesDesigns on Nov 16, 08 5:27 pm

grr i just have a problem with the erasing part i kinda do it all jaggedy but i dont want or mean to it just happens.

Posted by emmijane on Sep 3, 08 2:54 pm

umm why is the picture i earased the background for all huge wen i paste it as a new selection on the other picture?

Posted by xAqUaBeb3X on May 15, 08 4:35 pm

omg!!!thanks for the tutorial!!!i've been wanting to do this since i got psp adn now i no how to do it yay!!!thanks very much

Posted by DreamsLink on Jan 3, 08 9:36 pm

This is cool.

Posted by MyVagina on Nov 3, 07 11:17 am

Just use the magic wand to select what you want erased and then select cut with the pan tool. Thats how i do it :D

Posted by MCRbulletsVAMPIRA on Jul 1, 07 11:43 pm

Great tutorial!

Posted by Aerjae on Mar 7, 07 6:43 am

but isnt there a faster way to erase the background? o.o QUOTE(xbabyboo @ Jul 31 2006, 1:16 AM) [snapback]2196718[/snapback]^^selection tool as well.then how can you use the selection tool?

Posted by tsubasasakura on Mar 6, 07 9:29 pm

^^selection tool as well.

Posted by PrincessAda on Jul 31, 06 2:16 am

the only way i know is by using the eraser.

Posted by maryissa on Jul 20, 06 6:57 pm

hey hunni..well thanx fro the tutorial...but i have one question...how do i delete the background...well actually without using the eraser of course =]

Posted by loveispain21887 on Jul 19, 06 1:23 pm

can somebody tell me where to get some pre-cut pictures for adobe psd?

Posted by sho jo on Jul 18, 06 2:30 am

thanks for the tutorial ^_^

Posted by x3itsLYSS on Jul 13, 06 12:34 pm

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