Changing your eye color (comments)

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what's a Raster Layer?

Posted by MiissYER on Sep 4, 09 9:39 pm

I have colored eyes but this seems a bit easier great tutorial!

Posted by LaDeeJenn on Apr 15, 09 1:24 pm

where are we supose to go to to do this

Posted by vanessaf604 on Apr 14, 09 12:10 am

oh thanks that is so easy

Posted by AiiRHEADPOOKiiE on Mar 15, 09 10:51 pm

easy step to follow, thz ^^ it's awesome

Posted by nolee on Aug 31, 08 7:52 pm

Nice! I've done eye coloring before, this is a very good tutorial!-
Risako :)

Posted by Riisa-tan on Jan 15, 08 7:19 pm

*a million hugs*

Posted by mimi-chocolat on Jul 18, 07 8:24 am

i just use the red eye removal..

Posted by sadiewearspradaaa on Jun 27, 07 7:59 pm

this is so cool mucho thanks :)

Posted by LidoChinaGurl on Jun 15, 07 5:26 pm

the second image isnt showing, other thank that, nice tutorial.

Posted by speakerboxx123 on Jun 11, 07 12:25 pm

hey where can i download psp? Pm/message me when u can please. thnx

Posted by Fresh69 on May 28, 07 2:15 pm

LOL I made you look so odd... not too odd but odd enough to know that it is odd. Do you like purple?[attachmentid=14212]

Posted by hippieface805 on Oct 22, 06 3:07 pm

ahahah! without contacts ! LOL!

Posted by asian.noodles on Oct 7, 06 12:50 am

Thanks! I've always had issues getting eye color right. I've been able to enhance it, but not realisticly change it.

Posted by digital.fragrance on Sep 26, 06 11:18 am

Thanks! It helped me plenty of times. It's awsome that it works with PS, too since i'm using that a lot lately.

Posted by femmefutile on Sep 26, 06 2:00 am

you can also do this on photoshop. just the color blending part is different.

Posted by x1227x on Sep 10, 06 11:51 pm

Thanks! I always wanted to know how to do that!

Posted by Sparkle09 on Apr 20, 06 11:13 pm

Haha, you made it so easy. Very nice tutorial

Posted by eunie03 on Apr 20, 06 12:25 am

awesome. =]

Posted by priyas on Apr 20, 06 12:23 am

great job.

Posted by bumbumx3 on Apr 18, 06 6:06 am

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