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this one is unfortunately, not another abstract tutorial, but..its very useful for photo manipulations. its an easier way to colorize..or to "color blend".
so, to do this you need to find your change to target brush.

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so, open up psp to a pic, color or greyscale, it doesnt matter. ill be using this pic of kirsten dunst.

Click to enlarge feel free to use it. dont if you dont want to.

so, click on your change to target brush, and set your settings as follows:

size: 130-160, hardness: 50 (possibly lower, depends), and opacity: 11, and mode: color.
so, pick a color, and lets go.

finished result:
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please note: this will not work when you're doing colorizations where you want to make things a specific color. this is for large scale colorizing and color blending.

hope this helps!

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which psp dew u use?
i need help
please write back ASAP

By retro90zkiddz on Aug 15, 2007 11:48 am

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