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I'll show you how to turn this banner:
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Into this:
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First off: You will need a banner making program such as Adobe, PSP, PS
And also Animation Shop to finish it all off.

Make the first banner, I'm going to use this one for my example:Click to enlarge
Be sure to save the banner when you move on.

Now you're gonna make a second banner but now put the words
that you want to fade in the first banner but save it as a dif. name.
This is my example:
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Now open up your animation shop and click on the first icon from the top
it looks like a magic wand. Basically your doing this: You click same size as the first image then you click next, then you want to click Opaque, then click next after that then switch the choices to "upper left corner of the frame" and the bottom switch it to "with canvas color" Then click next after that. Switch it to "Yes, repeat the animation." and chance display of seconds to 20 seconds. After that find your two images making sure your first image goes first and then the second image.

After you finish you should see something like this appear:
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Right click on the first image and you should see a list of choices. Click on "Insert Image Transition" Make sure to follow these steps: Click to enlarge
When your done press ok, then press the button second to last on the top (it looks like a film strip.) and TA DA! There you have it your new and improved banner!

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where can i download animation shop?

By zakurochan on Aug 19, 2008 9:00 pm

Awesome tutorial.
But,I would like to know,how you do the film strip?
Mind showing me.
I have Corel PSP X2,if it matters?

By x-Michelle on Apr 6, 2008 4:15 pm

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