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Posted by BABYCHUNK on Jul 24, 08 7:45 pm

how do you do the "at a glance" text? with the gray background and centered text?

thank you by the way! I love it

Posted by lilflipgurl409 on Jul 10, 08 4:31 am

love it

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Apr 7, 08 5:44 pm

hey not to be rude, but it does not work and all i did was edit the capitalized.

Posted by ashleybryant on Feb 29, 08 8:24 pm

umm..the font is wacked! idk how to edit the font

Posted by weirdishfriend on Feb 25, 08 7:57 pm

is this a whole layout?? or is this just a preview

Posted by lilovelylexii on Jan 2, 08 9:11 pm

thank u noobs hhahhahah feel bad for em.... cuz how it truns out if u dnt change like the font n shit...thank u

Posted by thojcua on Nov 4, 07 10:06 am

Thankss :)

(Tehehe, I love how you gave instructions for the noobs XPP (: )

Posted by Lusciouss-x on Jul 31, 07 8:10 pm


Posted by ShaBen on Jul 24, 07 1:21 am

it won't'll show my picture but not my information


Posted by mizsheng on Jul 20, 07 3:11 pm

Updated and works.Sorry double post

Posted by Insurmountable on Sep 10, 06 4:31 am

^Deary, did you read the instructions?QUOTEScript overviewInstructions for:NoobsLeave the code as is only edit what's capitalized. Otherwise, you'll probably eff it all up. Your image's width should be small enough to not stretch out your layo

Posted by Insurmountable on Aug 31, 06 8:15 pm

this screenshot is sooo cool i tried the code but i dont kno how to put the picture in line with the borders like how u did it...because everytime i do it, it puts the picture up first and the text in the bottom...can you please help me? thanx

Posted by lala09 on Aug 30, 06 6:22 pm

thats sooo cool!!!how do u do it?

Posted by yoursl on Aug 28, 06 9:39 am

uhhh.I love this code.Thanks for sharing.

Posted by aeroplane. on Jul 31, 06 6:59 pm

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