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was looking everywhere for this!

Posted by crimsonsorrow on Jun 13, 09 5:28 pm

THANKS ! (= i love using this code .

Posted by brittneybx3 on Dec 19, 08 4:40 pm

this is what i've put in:

span.blacktext12 {display:block; color: 5D7B95; width:435px; height:300px; background:url("http://img233 yasy1p3nxbjp2j70kp2pgc2.jpg") no-repeat center center;}

but still the color of the text is white...what do i do?!

Posted by SoundGuy218 on Apr 15, 08 12:35 am

How r u supposed to do it bc the image is really skinny and small? I have no idea how to do it now...ERRR loL! this is what im imputting.

table table table td {vertical-align:top ! important;}
span.blacktext12 {
visibility:visible !important;
background-color: transparent;
background-image :url(" ibwgsz.jpg");
background-rep eat:no-repeat;
background-pos ition:center center;
font-size:0px; letter-spacing:-0.5px;
width: 15px; height:10px; display:block !important; }
span.blacktext12 img {display:none;}

Posted by seksaylilraver on Jan 24, 08 9:39 am

yay thanks! i've been looking for a script for this....!!

Posted by sagerose2003 on Jan 20, 08 6:33 pm

works for me.
get the code where there's no border around the extended network
that helps bunches :]

Posted by EXHiBiTi0N on Oct 8, 07 2:49 pm

it doesnt work for me it stretches the whole box all weirdd how do i fix it?!

Posted by marlenelovesfantasy on Sep 17, 07 1:59 am

how do i hide the text in the extended network?

Posted by muanms on Sep 7, 07 3:54 pm

"I don't want to put an image i jsut want to know how i can or if i can change the writing on the extended network?"

span.blacktext12 {font-family: FONTFACE; font-size: SIZE; color: COLOR; letter-spacing: NUMBERpx; text-transform: LOWERCASEorUPPERCASE;}

You can add anything to change your font. :D

Posted by sarahhx on Aug 29, 07 3:21 pm

I don't want to put an image i jsut want to know how i can or if i can change the writing on the extended network?

Posted by marlenelovesfantasy on Aug 23, 07 5:48 pm

This is seriously not working for me I mean the image shows us very skinny on the top and I changed the height and everything it still int working

Posted by Alexismariemcc on Aug 8, 07 1:06 pm

how do u do it? i dont get it..=]

Posted by ladycreep420 on Jul 17, 07 2:06 pm

Can you add more pictures to the code or is it just one picture only?

Posted by CraZiEAzNDreAmeR on Jul 4, 07 9:06 pm

so is there a way to hide the extended network text all together?

Posted by geeklaura on Jun 25, 07 12:00 pm

it works great for me, except that you get that white border around it which is annoying, it never used to do that, and in order to get it somewhat even you have add 25 px to the width and height. because trying to lessen the amount just makes it bigger and more uneven and worse. totally needs to be tweaked to work better. but otherwise not a bad code.

Posted by toyming on Jun 23, 07 7:44 pm

how do you make the image repeat?

Posted by faim__intoxique on Jun 18, 07 12:04 pm

it doesent work anymore :(

Posted by nancy_hdz on Jun 5, 07 5:51 pm


Posted by Insurmountable on Sep 10, 06 4:40 am

some one any one help me with this trying to put a picture into da extended network section and it isn't working ive put in da url of my picture.....ive tryed all types of numbers with the width and hieght section especially 435px.....i

Posted by biggtiff2mic on Jun 18, 06 1:23 am

^i editted the code so it says HEIGHT and WIDTHin the areas they need to change..

Posted by Insurmountable on May 7, 06 11:40 pm

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