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Look carefully for specific instructions

new: OMFG i was NOT claiming credit for it i was posting it for others to use but whatever. credit to kin.php

- this code is for the single players (not the playlist players)

- if you would prefer your image didn't repeat change background-repeat:repeat;
to background-repeat:no-repeat;
- the opacity is how translucent your image will appear
- 100 being invisible (you wont see the image at all)
and 0 being the image will be fully visible (you wont see the player)
change filter:alpha(opacity=30); to your likeing (for example change the 30 to 25)
- the background position is where your image will be placed on the player (for example if you had it to center half of the player wont show your image)
to change your image position div.musicPlayerModule {background-position:LEFT TOP; (change LEFT TOP to wherever you want the image to be positioned)
- the width and height of your player can also be adjusted to your likeing,
overflow:hidden; width:295px; height:51px; (change the 295, and 51 to whatever you want, dont backspace px)

if you have any problems comment on here or message me on myspace
and i'll happily help you my best :)

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Yeah it's cool but it will not center but it's cool. :)

By beverlyann on Aug 29, 2009 1:57 am

the image shows up which is good, cause no code i've tried so far did that.
but i already have a code to center my player, so by using this code it cancels out my old code :/ meaning its not centered anymore but!

By xxpinkpoplegendxx on Aug 11, 2009 4:36 pm

sweet .
I haven't tried it, but I soon will .
If it doesn't work, then atleast you posted it, thanks(:

By xjrockerr on May 12, 2009 7:01 pm

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