Wrap Text Around a Scrollbox in 2.0! (comments)

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Thanks. I used the scroll bar one works the
same for me and the scroll bar didnt show.
So I'm happy either way. :)

Posted by beverlyann on Aug 14, 09 12:23 am

oops! minus the \ (backslash)

Posted by ingodwerust on Aug 12, 09 10:20 am

UGHH I used this before and it worked and now it's not working.
idk what I'm doing wrong... what "minus the 's"
I don't see any "'s".
I'm trying to use the one with out the scroll bar...

Posted by beverlyann on Aug 12, 09 5:36 am

yeah just do the first code i did it just now (:

Posted by jjjoe on Jul 3, 09 3:39 am

the horizontal one doesnt work for me...

Posted by saschaberlin on Jun 21, 09 11:08 pm


Posted by classypinkbarbie on Jun 17, 09 7:25 pm

I love this:) thanks .

Posted by 1sweetazngurl on May 6, 09 10:36 pm

I love it.

Posted by ninalinnette on Apr 14, 09 11:19 am

Nice, works for me. Thanks.

Posted by PRziLLEzTMA on Mar 30, 09 5:29 pm

is there one for wrap text around a picture? i've been looking for one EVERYWHERE =(

Posted by salsabooty on Mar 22, 09 9:49 pm


Posted by foundry on Mar 6, 09 9:42 pm

I havent tried this on a div layout? does it work on top of a DIV layout

Posted by wingz3r0 on Feb 27, 09 12:57 am

yer welcome!

Posted by ingodwerust on Feb 27, 09 12:29 am

Thanks for this!!

Posted by MyEye6 on Feb 27, 09 12:09 am

omg i luv this

Posted by dmshygirlnmt1 on Feb 26, 09 3:11 am

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