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Look carefully for specific instructions

I stuck a fieldset code into a scrollbox code and it actually worked...I then spent 2 hours simplizing it as much as I could...and then Wordpad closed on me, I was not about to start over. So there's probably a lot of extra coding in this, if anyone wants to make it more simple and submit a new one, feel free. I also tried really hard to make it so JUST the interests were in the box, but I was unsuccessful. So tweak with that too if you'd like.

Replace BORDERCOLOR, FONTCOLOR, TITLE HERE, WIDTH, and HEIGHT with what you desire.

**This is to go into the very beginning of "General" for your interests.**

**For the BORDER COLOR, for whatever reason, the code would not work properly when I put in a color code that DID NOT BEGIN WITH A LETTER.**

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Fuckin(g) sweeht!!!!!!!!!!

By JenniferCecelia on Dec 13, 2008 3:59 pm

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