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Posted by shelane02 on Jul 29, 09 7:53 am


Posted by REDcarpetROSE on Jun 1, 09 5:29 am

thanks =)

Posted by Cur5edb3auty on Apr 28, 09 1:30 pm

doesn't even work..

Posted by patternhouses on Feb 9, 09 11:15 pm

first it didn't work for me
but after I took off the "span" part, it worked.
try it if it doesn't work for you before :]

Posted by dalgiwang on Jan 17, 09 4:51 pm

Nevermind. D:. I was wrong

Posted by JamesSterling on Dec 6, 08 8:21 pm

Woah, surprise.
Worked on my band profile :D

Posted by JamesSterling on Dec 6, 08 8:11 pm

this hides the whole thing:
div.basicinfomodule div.basicinfodetails span.urllink a {display:none;}

Posted by ingodwerust on Dec 6, 08 6:30 am


Posted by bloodyz88 on Nov 27, 08 5:24 am

I should post my code to hide the URL, it works so much better. It hides the entiere spot, and you can replace it with anything you want. And it also featuers images with rollovers for the contact links. :)

Posted by Weathered on Nov 21, 08 2:02 pm

perfect ..love it! TY

Posted by Veronica702 on Nov 20, 08 5:17 pm

thanks for this!

Posted by previn84 on Nov 18, 08 6:30 pm

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