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i love this,(:
andd, emarosa is the shiiiit

Posted by fallenxdemon on Dec 31, 09 3:18 am

I use this code everytime i redo my myspace
love it! :D
great job

Posted by CandiceCannibal on Aug 9, 09 9:26 pm

love this code it works

Posted by shorty123 on Jun 19, 09 5:17 pm


Posted by limegreenpencil on Jun 7, 09 11:58 pm

so where does the picture code go?

Posted by StacyBaby2o6 on Feb 21, 09 2:50 am

oo thanks, and woo Emarosa!

Posted by candicexo on Dec 29, 08 3:14 am

can someone comment how to do this and pmake it work in steps in this area.....i would really appreciate it

Posted by lowerymarlow on Dec 13, 08 1:15 am


Posted by lovelylanebella on Dec 11, 08 5:55 pm

never mindd!

Posted by simplyxhearts on Nov 23, 08 3:24 pm

how do you do thiss?

Posted by simplyxhearts on Nov 23, 08 3:10 pm

whoa whoa onyi!

Posted by tamarajones on Nov 16, 08 2:49 pm

nvr mind. figured it out.

Posted by RCKstarh on Nov 15, 08 1:49 pm

yea how does it work?

Posted by RCKstarh on Nov 15, 08 1:48 pm

so do you just put a picture link after the code?

Posted by deebaby91 on Nov 12, 08 12:00 am

works, but changes the comment section design a bit.

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Nov 7, 08 7:54 pm


Posted by ingodwerust on Nov 5, 08 12:39 pm

omg, fanilly. ive been lookin for this for years..
not really buy yehhhhhs, thanks tho (:

Posted by dianaRAWRR on Nov 5, 08 3:20 am

sorry to tell u but there is already a code like this...

Posted by nicolex on Nov 4, 08 10:05 pm

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