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I love this juicy brown used here. It reminds me of chocolate. Yum,yum(:

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 28, 10 11:13 am

this is cute

Posted by baby19 on Oct 27, 09 4:33 pm

I love it!!

Posted by colorific on Jul 27, 08 2:19 am

very stunning ;]
im using

Posted by Janaeeeily08 on Jun 8, 08 6:48 pm


Posted by rockable on May 30, 08 6:15 am

can ANYONE help me out??

Posted by masciocchi on May 25, 08 8:51 am

i love this layout but when i put it on my myspace my about me text is black and i want it to be that blue color. usually i'm pretty good at figuring it out but i've tried everything and i still can't get it to change.. think you could help me out?

Posted by masciocchi on May 24, 08 9:51 am

omg, the colors!
i love them.

Posted by futura on Jan 17, 08 3:12 am

hey, i love this layout, but i really wanted to show my top 8, is there a way of doing this?

Posted by aziggy708 on Dec 4, 07 1:13 am

I love this layout, and I figured out how to get my comment box to the right side, but is there any way to keep it from being so wide that I need a bottom scroll bar?

Posted by onscreendiva on Nov 12, 07 12:15 am

Wow, this is so cute

Posted by bbyxo on Nov 11, 07 12:18 am

xD the background color and the imade doesn match up!

Posted by PiNK-RAGe on Oct 30, 07 7:09 pm

awesome job. the colors go together well, and the different fonts are a great touch :]

Posted by Joss-eh-lime on Sep 3, 07 2:33 pm

Yeah... I really love this layout but is there a way to have your top 8 friends in there? If there is could you please tell me how you can your top 8 in there... =]

Posted by Kewell18 on Jul 14, 07 11:52 pm

Hey awesome layout but i really wanted a top 8 in it do you have the code, that you can send me a messege of. Thanks

Posted by jrzgrl912 on Jun 30, 07 5:16 pm

pretty cool

Posted by PCDKitty on Jun 6, 07 2:58 am

reminds me of coffee

Posted by IVIike on May 18, 07 9:34 am

hey there! luv ur layout, im using this right now but I have a problem...could u be so nice to tell me how to show my top friends?? I wish they could be viewable to all...I'll apreciate you help!bye!

Posted by Tsuki-no hikari on Jan 2, 07 6:41 pm

i have had this layout on my myspace for about a month, and im just wondering why all of a sudden why the right column where my blogs and my comments are is all of a sudden really skinny compared to the left side? all of my comments are squished. i really

Posted by caitlynhoskin on Sep 18, 06 4:34 pm

Hey awesome layout but i really wanted a top 8 in it do you have the code, that you can send me a messege of. Thanks

Posted by bizzylizzy692 on Aug 22, 06 8:23 am

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