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nope, not a server issue cuz it's not working for me either..... :/

Posted by riotstar on Aug 2, 08 6:41 pm

I love the layout, but the contact box, the extended network box, and the image in the bottom left corner isn't showing up.

Posted by Kurr on Sep 4, 07 11:15 am

this layout dosnt work all the way. the contact box nor the background pics are showing up.

Posted by JessieCola2005 on Jun 13, 07 2:20 am

It's probably a server issue; just be patient, the images will load again some time in the near future.

Posted by inspiration on Apr 10, 07 9:21 pm

Is it just me or... did all the images for this layout disappear?

Posted by SakiChi on Apr 10, 07 9:14 pm

I really love it but the background isn't working. :( Beautiful layout though. :D

Posted by anemicrose13 on Apr 8, 07 11:44 am


Posted by tins_x3_u on Sep 24, 06 10:07 am

geat it looks like it took a lot of time by all the detail in it *adds tofavorites*

Posted by IVIike on Sep 23, 06 10:32 am

awesome contact table. I like the colors =)

Posted by songbird_sweet on Aug 26, 06 8:57 pm

i think this is your best layout ;]

Posted by summabreezeofluv on Aug 10, 06 10:56 pm

I think I love alll of your layouts! Another awesome one. The colors are the best, just what I was looking for.

Posted by DiamndPrincz on Apr 20, 06 5:19 pm

I LOVE this layout!! What does it say around the heart?I can make out "I don't want to fall in love..." But that's it.PERFECTION!! Great job!Laura

Posted by LauraAmulet on Apr 8, 06 12:29 pm

I love the colors of this layout. I would definitely use it.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Mar 9, 06 5:25 pm

i soooo have this as mine right now. its great.

Posted by fall_out_girl on Jan 31, 06 2:25 am

Wowwie, it's really pretty Great job, I really love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by lonelyforhim on Jan 30, 06 10:52 am

Beautiful job.

Posted by Smoogrish on Jan 24, 06 10:01 pm

OOoh, Loved it. Snagged it, thanx alot :)

Posted by phoenyx on Jan 24, 06 9:00 pm

thanks for the wonderful/amazing/kind feedback, everyone. this is probably one of my personal favorites to date so it means a lot to me. <33

Posted by nothing_plus_this on Jan 12, 06 10:17 pm

wow great job with the colors!

Posted by KissMe2408 on Jan 11, 06 3:45 am

gorgoues! Lovely color scheme. You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ladylove3000 on Jan 10, 06 2:39 am

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