Hawaiian Sunrise -Lilo & Stitch- (comments)

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hey is it possible to change the music on the player

Posted by Oriental on Sep 29, 09 11:38 pm

i love this
this is so cute
loving the rollovers too
it's simple & well-made

Posted by twodreamlovers on Sep 28, 09 9:38 am

I think the bamboo content area should have been placed in front of stitch. It's pretty annoying that his foot is in the content.

Other than that, I love this a lot. I remember seeing the movie ages ago. This layout makes me miss it.

Posted by emberfly on Sep 26, 09 12:43 am

I'm sorry but I LOVE THIS :D

Posted by myspacelayouts4rp on Sep 23, 09 11:02 pm

i love this so much!! ♥

Posted by fiercest on Sep 23, 09 12:53 am

Adorable :)
I love the rollovers!

Posted by aliiicimo on Sep 22, 09 2:21 pm

really cute!

Posted by mystiicdesigns on Sep 22, 09 11:05 am

Oh my gosh it's so cute! And very well done. I looooove it! :o)

Posted by Karisa85 on Sep 22, 09 1:38 am

my niece would love this! great job!

one thing, the scroll bar is kinda annoying, you should make that part and image (like bamboo or something) and hide the original scroll bar behind it. (just a thought)

Posted by ingodwerust on Sep 22, 09 12:23 am

Now this is CUTE!..I love L&S!!!
GOOD JOB!(and congrats for this being your 1st lyt here)

Posted by Snaily on Sep 21, 09 9:23 pm

omfg this is the best lilo and stitch layout ever. i love stitch! lol sorry i'm such a fangirl of stitch!

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 21, 09 9:09 pm

This is really great. I like the colours and design. :) It's a shame, however, that the scrollbar has to go over the leg/foot like that. =\ You could try making the div scrollbar track invisible. Might make that a bit better. ^_^

Posted by CrimsonSkyGraphics on Sep 21, 09 8:04 pm

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